Arboriculture Consulting

Professional Tree Care Advice from Qualified Arborists

Treeworx are a team of qualified, reliable and efficient tree care professionals who can help you make your property look its best. With over 20 years of experience in the arboriculture industry, our team have a real passion for the work that they perform and have an extensive knowledge base regarding the health, vitality and safety of trees and palms.

Our arboriculture consulting service has been developed to provide you with professional advice regarding the health of your trees and palms, the suitability of certain species for your location and strategies for minimising risks for trees and palms that are located close to power lines or pose a safety threat to property or passers-by.

Whether you have a damaged or dying palm that you want to save or need advice regarding the best species for the environment on your property, Treeworx can give you professional advice that you can trust.


Arboriculture Consulting Service

We can provide advice and consultation on a range of different arboriculture topics including:

  • Palm and tree health including diagnosis
  • Maintenance strategies for trees and palms that are close to power lines or pose pedestrian safety issues
  • Palm and tree transplanting
  • Palm and tree removal
  • Species suitability and advice

In addition to the consulting service we also provide obligation-free quotes; so whether we are recommending a tree transplant or a regular maintenance plan, you’ll have all of the information that you require to make an informed decision.