Transplanting a Mature Palm Tree

One of the services that Treeworx occasionally provide is palm tree transplanting. Palm trees can take a long time to reach maturity and become quite large as they grow; they often outgrow their original location and need to be relocated to a more suitable space. Palm tree transplanting is popular with our commercial customers but we also provide the service for residential customers on occasion as well.

Treeworx have been transplanting palms for years and use only the latest technology to do so and continually strive to ensure that health, vitality and longevity of the palm is always maintained. If you would like more information about this service, please contact us today on 0408 632 018.

What is Palm Tree Transplanting?

Transplanting is a method that is used to move a plant, palm or tree to another area. Traditionally, mature palm transplanting is performed using an excavator, crane and low loader to remove, transport and relocate palm trees. Mature palm transplants are an expensive and complex process that will require planning and ongoing maintenance.

Why Transplant a Palm Tree?

There are several reasons you might want to transplant a mature palm tree:

  • It may have gotten too large for the space that it currently occupies. Leaving it where it is could cause a risk to human safety, damage to property that is in a close proximity as well as potentially causing health issues for the plant itself.
  • You may be setting up a new garden or landscape and require some matured plants.
  • There are too many other competing species in the area and the plant is suffering.

What Species of Palm Tree Are Suitable for Transplanting?

The one palm in particular that is popular for transplanting is the Canary Island Date palm. It is known to be one of the world’s most majestic palms and perfect for transplanting.

At Treeworx we supply and transplant mature Canary Island Date palms and source a wide variety of palm tree stock. So if you have a mature Canary Island Date Palm (or any other species) that you would like have removed, please contact Treeworx today about transplanting options.

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