Palm Removal & Pruning

Sunshine Coast Palm Removal and Pruning Services

The team of professional arborists at Treeworx specialise in pruning, lopping and removing palm trees. We have a team of four fully qualified and certified arborists who have collectively been working in the industry for almost 40 years and we pride ourselves on being professional, reliable and using techniques that put the safety of our staff and the health of your palms first.

We have specialised equipment available that allows us to go spikeless for all of our palm pruning and removal services. This is important because using spikes on palm trees damages their health – palms do not have a cambian layer which means that wounds to the trunk of a palm do not heal. In fact, a hole made in a palm will likely get bigger over time. These holes compromise the structure of the trunk and open the inner layers to infection and infestation. The fatal ‘heart rot’ disease that is destroying so many of island’s palms can be spread through spiking.


Palm Removal Service

Palm removal can be a highly technical, dangerous, yet delicate task and requires highly qualified professionals like those at Treeworx.

Palm removals may occur for various reason including health, liability, aesthetics and to enable competing species to develop and mature. In certain instances you may have to remove a palm that is alive if it is interfering with other trees, buildings, driveways or electrical wires.

Our highly skilled, trained and professional tree loppers can carefully remove all types of palms using specific specialised equipment no matter where they are located, ensuring that absolutely nothing is damaged and the site is left clean and tidy.

A typical Palm tree lopping job includes accessing the palm with our confined space elevated work platform, removing all fronds, cutting the trunk into manageable sized blocks, all being lowered to the ground to ensure no damage to person or property, chipping all of the palm waste and cutting the stump as flush as possible to the ground. The stump can then be ground out by our tree loppers.

Palm Pruning Service

Treeworx specialise in professional palm pruning services for the Sunshine Coast.

Palm pruning is the practice of trimming off dead or dying fronds, seed pods, flowers, bunches of berries, bracts, inflorescence, de-nutting coconuts and also the thinning of stems from clumping palms. 

Certain palms need to have the dead/dying fronds, flowers, bracts and seed pods removed on either a bi annual or annual basis. Some of these species include:

  • Syagrus romanzoffiana (Cocos/Queen palm)
  • Washingtonia robusta (Cotton palm)
  • Cocos nucifera (Coconut palm)
  • Dypsis lutescens (Golden Cane palm)
  • Roystonea regia (Cuban Royal palm)
  • Phoenix canariensis (Canary Island Date palm)

This is done for aesthetic and liability reasons and also to prevent the flowers and berries from clogging gutters, pool filters, attracting bats and littering walk ways, gardens and patios. Palm pruning for appearance and restoration is essential for maximising the beauty of formal plantings and to assist with landscape maintenance.

When pruning a palm, the removal of healthy fronds should be avoided as it is generally unnecessary and may place the palm under stress. In multi-stemmed or clumping species (i.e. Golden cane palms) entire stems can removed, this is generally done to reduce the size and height of the clump.