Stump Grinding

Sunshine Coast Stump Grinding Service

After a tree or palm has been felled, what remains is the stump. Stump grinding is a method by which a palm or tree stump is removed after it has been cut down and ensures that the plant will not regrow by removing all of the roots.

The team at Treeworx use specialised equipment designed with latest technology such as an Alpine Magnum hand held stump grinder. It has a slim profile and is able to access all size stumps in confined areas, enabling us to remove stumps from any property.

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Treeworx Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Benefits

The highly skilled team at Treeworx are highly experienced in various types of stump removals and stump grinding and have been removing tree and palm stumps from properties all over the Sunshine Coast since 2003.

Some of the benefits of professional stump grinding services include:

  • Removal of unsightly and dangerous stumps.
  • Avoiding labour intensive digging.
  • A stump is one of the best resources to create valuable mulch that can be used for compost or landscaping.
  • Free space for leisure or landscaping purposes.
  • Aesthetic reasons – garden looks neat and well-tended.
  • Not necessary to poison stump so no dangerous chemicals
  • 100% guarantee that the tree or palm will not regrow.

If you really want to have a tree on your property removed thoroughly and permanently, then it is essential to consider a professional stump grinding service by qualified arborists. Booking our team in will have your tree’s stump and root system removed entirely, and will prevent any regrowth. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a quick, effective and affordable service that will see absolutely any tree completely removed from their property. No matter what kind of tree you ask us to remove, we’ll take care of it in no time.